Warstone is a combined therapy of capsules and syrup to relieve you from stone problem.

Yes it can. The product has those ingredients that thoroughly cleanse urinary tract and does not allow new stones to develop.

It works in two ways. First is by dissolving the stones; second is by increasing urine production and pushing the stone out.

In numerous cases, it has been observed that stones in range of 20mm were broken into multiple parts and then got eliminated. So yes, it is capable of eliminating big stones as well.

After completing the advised treatment by our team, you can go for the new scan.

Vitamin D helps in calcium absorption. The more calcium is absorbed in the bones, the less it is deposited in the kidneys, thus reducing the chances of stone formation. (This is as per a report of Harvard Medical School)

Warstone Dosage : 2 capsules in the morning before breakfast with Lemon water; 10 ml syrup in 100ml water (put syrup in water) after lunch, again 10ml syrup in 100ml water after dinner.
Wartium D3 : Take one capsule in a week.

Taking capsules with lemon water is advised, however, if it doesn’t suit you, then you can take with Buttermilk (Chhaach)/Coconut Water/Plain Water.

3-4 litres

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